A Nod for Rhod


November 13, 2012 by ComedyCymru

To dedicate a site to Welsh comedy and not include a blog post about Rhod Gilbert seems a little ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the majority of people would think of him if asked to name a Welsh stand up comedian.

I have literally nothing to back that up with.

So I thought it time to reflect on the first and only time I’ve seen him live- in Edinburgh this year, during his ‘The Man with the Flaming Battenberg Tattoo’ tour. Prior to this, I’ll admit I wasn’t that impressed with his TV appearances. To me he always came over really aggressively and I was put off by all the shouting. Didn’t see what the fuss was about.

My opinion did, however, completely change over the course of that fateful night. The show is a brilliant story, that sees Gilbert reflect on his history of anger management and the breakdown of his rather dysfunctional relationship. Sounds like a laugh, right?? Except it actually is, because he seamlessly blends these tough subjects with absurdities and laughs at his own attitude to life.

One of the best bits of the show was his admission that he used to get so needlessly upset about marketing. He uses the example of shower gel that had two particular types – one called ‘Invigorate’ for the morning, and one ‘Relax’ for the evening. He immediately sent a snotty letter, laden with sarcasm, to complain that he’d been kept up all night by their refreshing shower gel and sent to sleep that morning after their sleep inducing evening gel. He looks back on the hours he spent drafting the letter as perhaps one of the lowest moments of his life, but it provides absolutely priceless stand up.

He is a fantastic story teller, and the narrative throughout the stand up is engaging and is cleverly brought to its conclusion.

What can I say – I’m a convert to Gilbert. Enjoy this nugget from one of his earlier stand ups:



One thought on “A Nod for Rhod

  1. […] It makes me feel a bit sick that Welsh comedy is all about being friendly and tactile and warm. Is Rhod Gilbert any of those […]

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